About Us

  • Brand of Brothers Coffee Company was created from the need to be a caregiving member of the veteran community. Bradley Ellis, Founder and CEO of Brand of Brothers Coffee Company spent 2007-2014 serving in the US ARMY, deployed to Afghanistan during years 2008-2009 and 2012-2013. Making the decision to apply the Army Values to his business model was easy. A building block of this company’s foundation is “No one gets left behind”.
  • Our mission is to give back to our community of veteran brothers and sisters by donating part of the proceeds from every sale to groups and organizations that are working to better the lives of struggling veterans. We donate to groups combating veteran homelessness and joblessness, non-Veterans Administration providers of Mental Behavioral Health support, alternative Post Traumatic Stress Disorder therapies, and other veteran causes.
  • We are not just a coffee roaster and seller, we grow our own coffee too! Our coffee tastes so good because of all of the love and care put into each step of its processing, from our trees to your kitchen!