• The Best Coffee in the World!

    Welcome to Brand of Brothers Coffee! We specialize in the growing and sourcing of the highest quality Premium Coffee in Colombia, South America. Ma...
  • Why Growing Coffee Means Losing Money, and What You Can Do.

    The sale of the coffee alone is not sufficient to pay for the production costs of coffee and the Cafetero must seek other work in order to run and maintain the farm. This is an example of economic slavery at its finest and its worst.
  • Camp Ryan Adams

    The life of Ryan Adams perished on October 2, 2009, from a complex attack. This was the day I learned the value of life and of loss. To this day, I remember what it feels like to wake up and be told that one of your leaders, on of your friends, one of your brothers had died.
  • The Trials of the Small Business Owner

    I decided to start a Fair Trade/Direct Trade coffee export business in the midst of a pandemic. Colombia at the time was under a full quarantine. Arcane government policies and actions killed roughly 80% of the Colombian small business sector. Simply creating my business took over 8 months due to unreliable agents and governmental office closures. I have since had to pay to renew my company, even though I have not even had permission to export a single bean of coffee. 

    By the time December came I was disheartened and broke. Yeny and I were expecting our baby son to arrive, so I shelved my project for a few months and took a well earned break. This break allowed me to give my full attention to my girlfriend and my newborn son, Sebastian, as well as enjoy the holiday season with my new Colombian family.